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How to Engage in Self-Care When You’re Caring for Others

It's important to engage in self-care when you're caring for others.

Last week, I hosted writer and friend Emily Rowntree’s words, “Self-Care for the Overly Independent Heart.” Today I have the pleasure of sharing my words, about self-care when you’re caring for others, on Emily’s website.

How to Care for Yourself When You’re Pouring Out

Self-care is a popular buzzword in American culture right now; magazines, online articles, and celebrities all urge us to “prioritize self-care.” However, if you feel you don’t have the time or financial resources to engage in self-care, hearing that message on repeat can be frustrating.

One of the problems with self-care in our society is that it’s been watered down to be nearly useless in its current popular form. Most of us, when we think of self-care, picture bubble baths, spa days, and shopping sprees. While those activities can be relaxing or fun—and may even comprise part of your own self-care routine—they likely don’t often address the deeper needs we have.

Self-care is any activity that strengthens us and helps us to care for ourselves—body, mind, or spirit—in a long-term and sustainable way.

Self-care, at its most basic, is about laying the right foundation for comprehensive health. I’m talking about the basic building blocks of a healthy, happy life. Things like adequate sleep, food, a break from screen time, community.

Self-care is especially important when we’re caring for others. Whether you’re a parent, caring for aging parents, or in a caregiving profession, chances are you regularly serve someone. So how do you built a practice of self-care when you’re busy serving others?

Read the rest of my post at Emily Rowntree’s website.

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