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About Katie Pozzuoli

Katie Pozzuoli is a writer who makes her home in Ohio.

Katie Pozzuoli is a writer helping women adopt sustainable practices of self-care to thrive. No fluff. No Guilt-fests. No self-obsession. Just real self-care for real life.

Katie has spent most of her adult life figuring out – with a lot of trial and error – how to be healthy in every area of her life. (And, as a constant work in progress, she’s still figuring it out!)

In addition, Katie finds inspiration in the women around her who work hard and love well, and she especially loves discovering how they build habits of self-care that help them to show up fully alive to the places where they’ve been called.

Katie makes her home in Southeastern Ohio with her husband, three children, and their rescue pup.

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Katie’s passion for helping women experience wellness of body, mind, and spirit led her to write about self-care. She wants to help women discover a new way to think about self-care that isn’t just spa days, bubble baths, and dark chocolate. She believes that self-care is really about parenting yourself, and works as a myth-buster to address the problems with how we think about self-care.

Although many people think of self-care as an expensive and solitary act, Katie believes that community is an essential part of self-care and self-care doesn’t need to be costly – although there are a few strategic ways to spend money for self-care.

Finally, certain things like meal planning and food prep and regular breaks from social media are not-often-considered pieces of the self-care puzzle.

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