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3 Reasons You Need to Plan a Girlfriends’ Getaway

Last week, Beth DaLonzo shared things that help her to stay balanced, even in the midst of personal upheaval. One thing she said that really stuck with me was “My girlfriends nourish my soul.”

I can relate so much. When I look back on the last twelve of marriage and parenting, I can’t imagine how I would have survived without my girlfriends.

How a Weekend with Friends Can Restore Your Soul

A couple of weeks ago, I went away with two of my nearest and dearest friends. Actually, we didn’t go anywhere. One of my friends packed up her family and sent them off to Grandma’s house, and we stayed at her house.

You don’t even have to say it; I know what you’re thinking. What a wild and crazy girls’ weekend.

The thing is, you don’t have to spend a weekend in Vegas to enjoy time away with your friends. A weekend with your girlfriends provides a respite from your normal life, deepened friendships, and extended time for conversation.

A Break from Your Daily Routine

We have a lot of commitments – to our families, and to the work we feel called to in this season. Although we see each other regularly, this weekend stands out as one of the most important things we’ll do all year. It fills our souls.

I believe strongly that everyone needs a break from their normal life from time to time; something to break up the monotony, allow you to rest, and fulfill your desire for novelty or adventure. As one of my friends said after our weekend, “Getting away gives me the space to actually miss my family and more fully appreciate them! I return much more grateful, refreshed, and ready to engage.”

So, you deserve a break, and it’ll be really fun with your friends.

Deepened Friendships

Giving ourselves the gift of concentrated time together allows us to deepen our friendship in a way that isn’t possible when our kids are playing in the next room. It’s the balance of both/and – little snatches of conversation as our kids run amok and a weekend alone together – that has built a really strong, beautiful friendship.

Extended Time for Conversation

My friends and I have three things going for us in our friendship: longevity, proximity and shared seasons of life. We’ve been friends since college, and by happenstance and choice and God’s kindness, we live nearby and attend the same church. We got married around the same time and have kids the same age, and they are friends, too.

All this to say: We’ve been building these friendships for a long time, in a lot of places and ways, and – thanks to our beloved offspring – with a lot of interruptions. Bless their little hearts, but none of us has had a complete thought, much less an uninterrupted conversation, since 2011.

When we spend a weekend together, we eat at home together. We eat out; we go shopping; we watch a movie. We never stop talking. We laugh until we cry. Sometimes we just cry.

This might seem a little over the top, but when we have a weekend coming up, one of us will often make a list of questions we want to discuss with each other. For this most recent weekend, I wrote the following questions:

  1. What’s occupying most of your time, attention and energy these days?
  2. What do you wish you had more of in your life?
  3. What is pushing you or challenging you the most lately?
  4. How’s your marriage?

We have lots of time to talk about what we’re feeding our families for dinner lately, how our kids are doing, and whether we should try high-waisted jeans. (The verdict on that last one: definitely!) But we also make time to talk about the deeper stuff, the things that have been stirring in our souls – but often without the time, space, or ability to voice them.

In Closing

A weekend away with your girlfriends is a priceless time to take a break from your normal routine, deepen your friendships, and talk about the things that really matter.

Grab your girlfriends and get away!

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