Build Self-Care Habits to Thrive

About Katie

Katie Pozzuoli has spent most of her adult life figuring out – through a lot of trial and error – the practices that help her to thrive as a wife and mom of three.

Thriving matters because it goes beyond simply living or surviving. It means to grow and flourish. Follow the blog and subscribe to the newsletter to discover approachable habits for emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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Real self-care for your real life.
Build a community of friends through a monthly Dinner Club!
How to Build Community After a Big Transition

I saw something on Instagram recently that stopped me in my tracks. It said, “Shouting ‘self-care’ at people who actually need ‘community care’ is how we fail people” (Nakita Valerio). I love encourag…

Woman carrying many shopping bags needs help to stop overspending
How to Stop Overspending with Three Questions

When you’ve had a stressful day, what do you do to unwind? Reach for the chocolate? Put in a movie? Overspend on shopping? Many people’s “self-care” regimen involves the time-tested act of…

Making a salad to eat all week is a great way to food prep
Meal Planning and Food Prep Are the New Self-Care

If dinner is the most stressful time of your day, meal planning and food prep might help. We all eat, and most of us do it at least three times a day. Let’s find a few ways that we can make it a more …